DeFi: hogyan lehet befolyásolni az EOS blokkláncát

The Equilibrium team nemrég launched a new tool on the market, called Pyramiding, which allows taking advantage of the principles of pyramid trading and leveraging on EOS.

The project was born in collaboration with the Newdex csere.

The Equilibrium platform provides several DeFi tools such as a decentralized stablecoin hívott EOSDT, it allows to use Bitcoin (BTC) as a collateral for EOSDT thanks to the integration of pBTC és staking medencék allow to obtain an interesting APR.

Simply put, pyramid trading is a trading strategy based on the resizing of a gain position. It is a technique that allows maximizing earnings by strengthening positions as long as they are deemed convenient. We are talking about predominantly long positions.

Thanks to Equilibrium, using this strategy, it is possible to lock EOS and generate the stablecoin EOSDT that will be used to buy more EOS on the Newdex exchange, and to use leverage.

In this guide, we will see how the whole process works. To use Equilibrium we will need a wallet that manages EOS, like Scatter or Anchor, and at least 1 EOS to interact with the platform.

How to leverage with EOS

The first step is to launch the wallet, connect to the Equilibrium emelvény and select Pyramid. Here a new position can be opened by clicking the “+” button at the bottom left.

We will then be in front of a screen to set all the parameters of the transaction, such as the total EOS we would like to lock, the leverage to use (the maximum is 2.8) and on the right side, we will also see the costs of the fees.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the EOSDT stablecoin will be generated. By pressing the “Generate” button we can generate more EOSDTs, while to withdraw them simply click the “Withdraw” button.

In order to close a position, all or part of it, it will be necessary to click on the open position and click on “Delever” to repay the debt and the fees generated until the settlement of the debt.