478,559 3 blokk: A Bitcoin készpénzes rajongói világszerte ünneplik a Cryptocurrency XNUMX. évfordulóját

Three years ago at approximately 2:14 p.m. ET, the first Bitcoin Cash blocks were mined. That day, block 478,558 was the last common block found, and six hours later Viabtc mined the first Bitcoin Cash block (nr 478,559). The course of history was changed ever since this point, as the scaling debate took the dispute to a whole new level.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents are celebrating the third anniversary of the chain split that took place three years ago on August 1st. The peer-to-peer electronic cash system has come a long way since then and many proponents have appreciated the project’s accomplishments.

Moreover, a free market currency like BCH is needed more than ever because governments and central banks worldwide have wreaked havoc on the world’s monetary system.

Block 478,559: Bitcoin Cash Fans Celebrate the Third Anniversary

On August 1, 2017, cryptocurrency advocates everywhere were glued to their monitors when the first BCH block (nr 478,559) was mined by the mining pool Viabtc. The China-based mining pool also found the next block 478,560 shortly after.

When the chain split that afternoon on August 1, the BCH chain was equipped with 8MB blocks. In fact, the first BCH block was 1915175 Bytes or 1.9 MB in size, holding 6,985 transactions. Viabtc also left a message in the block’s coinbase parameter which said:

Welcome to the world, Shuya Yang!

Block 478,559: Bitcoin Cash Fans Celebrate the Third Anniversary

2 augusztusáig a BCH market was the third-largest by capitalization and for both blockchains, the transition was smooth. Since then there’s been a number of development improvements az évek alatt.

Block 478,559: Bitcoin Cash Fans Celebrate the Third Anniversary
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) market cap on August 2, 2017.

Bitcoin Cash now has Schnorr signature capabilities, a 32MB block capacity, faster re-spending of unconfirmed transactions, re-enabled old Satoshi opcodes, and more.

The digital currency is supported by nearly every major wallet, a myriad of crypto exchanges, and there are thousands of merchants who accept BCH worldwide. Bitcoin Cash also has a robust mixing technology called Cashfusion, which just completed its security audit.

Ráadásul, BCH also has a resilient and easy to use tokenization system called the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP). And to top it all off, for the last three years, Bitcoin Cash proponents have been a boisterous bunch of peer-to-peer electronic cash enthusiasts.

This anniversary a number of BCH developers, enthusiasts, business executives, and miners will be celebrating the momentous occasion. At 7 a.m. ET, an online konferencia being held called “BCH Scaling for the Globe: Bitcoin Cash 2020 ForkDay Celebration” will be streaming with a variety of Bitcoin Cash influencers.

A BCH Meetup group in Bangkok will be hosting a special celebrationés BCH proponent, Hayden Otto, is hosting the first slot of the Bitcoin Cash third anniversary élő adás szervezte @Bitcoincashcity és @Satoshiangels.

Block 478,559: Bitcoin Cash Fans Celebrate the Third Anniversary

C. Edward Kelso (@Cryptokelso) will be having a “post-Pomp interview” with Bitcoin.com’s Roger Ver, Edge Wallet’s Paul Puey, and software engineer Josh Ellithorpe (@zquestz). A Bitcoin Cash Games kaszinó platform indított a $3k leaderboard tournament to celebrate the third BCH anniversary as well.

Additionally, on the BCH-fueled blogging platform read.cash, a number of supporters have been sharing their perspectives a BCH fork, and people have been discussing the anniversary on the Reddit forum r/btc as well. Overall it should be a lively day of celebrations and memories as BCH fans are always a vibrant flock.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) third anniversary? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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